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HVAC System Overview

Heating is provided by electrical heating coils in VAV boxes above the ceiling around the perimeters of each floor. Controlled thermostats are located throughout the floors temperatures are monitored by the building Energy Management System. Liberty Place is equipped with a Siemens Insight Building Management System.

The Building maintains a central plant with two Carrier chillers which can provide up to 500 tons of cooling throughout the Building. Each floor has a Carrier Air-Handler that supplies conditioned air to the VAV boxes. Cost effective and energy efficient ventilation and air conditioning services are provided. This is especially needed when operating outside business hours. Each floor is ventilated with fresh air that is filtered. The air is supplied by a ventilating fan located in the penthouse of the Building. A computer controller linked to the Building’s Energy Management System controls each air handling unit in order to operate them at an optimum efficiency point.

Window blinds should remain down at all times to reduce the solar heat load.

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