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Loading Dock Rules & Regulations
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Loading Dock Rules & Regulations
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  1. Only specified recycling materials (i.e., plastic, glass, cans) should be placed in the recycling containers. Recycling materials should be rinsed out prior to placing them in the containers in order to prevent bug infestation. In addition, ALL cardboard boxes must be broken down before placing them in the recycling containers. The recycling contractor will not pick up any recycling materials that have been tainted. No wooden pallets should be left behind by delivery drives.
  2. No vehicles are authorized to park in the loading dock for an extended period of time. Vehicles should only be in the loading dock long enough for the delivery to be complete. Once the delivery is complete, the vehicle needs to be moved outside the building. In addition, contractors that meet the clearance for the garage should use the dock for offloading supplies and then should move to the garage for parking during the duration of their work, if they are to be working for an extended period.
  3. The height clearance for the loading dock is 13’6”. Please make sure that all delivery companies are aware of this. In the event that a person or vehicle causes damage to the loading dock, the person or company causing the damage will be responsible for all costs related to correcting the damage. Any damage to the loading dock should be reported to PGI’s Management Office immediately.
  4. The cameras mounted in the loading dock will be used to verify individuals who do not follow the above rules and regulations. Individual’s who continue to break these rules on a regular basis, may be charged for any additional expenses that may occur (i.e., extra cleaning, separation of trash and recycling, additional pest control, etc.).
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